Technical Consultant

Job Responsibilities

  • 1. Technical consultant is responsible for all technical aspects of the project related to a software application or package.
  • 2. Prepare the technical specifications document as per client requirements.
  • 3. Developing or configuring the software package as per the technical specifications.
  • 4. Design software package ensuring the right architecture and functionality.
  • 5. Designing Tables, Reports as per client requirements meeting business needs.
  • 6. Handling technical conversations with the client’s IT team. Any kind of interfacing with
    client’s IT systems are also handled by the technical consultant.
  • 7. Any bugs or defects in the software package or application is to be fixed by the technical consultant.
  • 8. Execute quality control on the delivered work with a strong focus on topics such as:
    performance, scalability, reliability and security.
  • 9. Execute integration tests to ensure customizations and data comply with
    specifications and standards
  • 10. Train users in new and existing technology systems.
  • 11. Provide assistance with technical issues
  • 12. Engage into end to end implementation of the software package.


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