Assembly Management System (e-Vidhan)

What is an Assembly Management System (AMS)?

At Nimbus Systems, we provide a unified solution for the digital transformation of Parliament and Legislative assemblies. Our AMS is an AI-based Web Application to automate day-to-day functioning and events of legislative assemblies and helps them comprehend paperless administration, leveraging our Intelligent Business Process Management at the core.

Why AMS?

  • Collaborative application framework enabling effective communications between government departments and the secretariat
  • Automated management and monitoring of all government functions and departmental activities
  • Online tracking of development issues in the constituencies by people representatives through mobile devices
  • Enable citizens to file grievances and interact/ view actions on their grievances by citizen representatives over handheld devices
  • Provide the ability to search and retrieve public documents over the web by requestors

Why Nimbus?

  • 27 Years of experience
  • 100+ Business Experts and 500+ Clients
  • Certainty of outcome
  • Complete training of your employees to ensure smooth transition

AMS benefits many areas of the legislation

Paperless office with enhanced collaboration

Automated workflows and use of mobile and tablets help assemblies achieve paperless administration. Electronic voting and real-time updates on legislative bills, constituency funds, minutes of meetings etc. fosters increased collaboration

Extended reach with easy access to information

Reach citizens through multiple channels such as public portals, mobile applications and others. Online-centralized library empowers Assembly Members to access information anytime-anywhere

Increased visibility and improved services

Extensive reports for multiple processes ensure complete visibility and better accountability. Reduce redundant processes. Better and fast response to officials and citizens


With the growing concern for the environment, the need to reduce paper usage is more than ever. GO GREEN – REDUCE PAPER USAGE – ADOPT ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY AMS

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