Microsoft Business Analytics and Intelligence

What is Microsoft Power BI and why do you need it?

Microsoft Power BI enables the user to connect to several heterogeneous data sources and fetch the relevant data into the Power BI data model. Once the data is within Power BI, the users can modify, shape and transform this data according to the reporting needs. This transformed data can be then visualized in the form of graphs and charts to get insights upon. These visualizations can be used to support various scenarios like storytelling, what-if analyses, forecasts, and other predictions, etc.


As the company’s needs change and they expand, their systems should keep up with them. We’ll define what Microsoft Power BI is and why it’s smart to have software in place that keeps up with your business needs.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

  • Global product with latest cloud technology and a long term roadmap
  • Single product to manage everything from procurement to pay
  • Easy future upgrade
  • 24/7 global support with 99.9% uptime
  • Rapid deployment, onboarding and quicker time to value

Why Nimbus?

  • 27 Years of experience
  • 100+ Business Experts and 500+ Clients
  • Certainty of outcome
  • Complete training of your employees to ensure smooth transition

Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics helps businesses

Click and connect with Microsoft and third-party cloud services, as well as on-premise data sources

With possible integration across the entire product group of microsoft and some third party apps, Microsoft Power BI is ready to manage the needs of all types of businesses.

Easily manipulate data and create visuals

Such as charts, dashboards, maps, and many more so you can present your data in an easy-to-digest format allowing users to make more sense of the data, hence better use it to gain insights.

Use natural language to query data and get results

Just type a sentence with your requirement in plain and simple english. You will get the data in the desired format in real-time. You do not need to have coding skills or to wait for a person with the same to get reports.

Unlock the power of Data with Microsoft Power BI

In a world in which data is coming from everywhere, Power BI is about helping users embrace a data culture, where every employee can make better decisions based on data. With Power BI, your organization can get the best of self-service analytics with centralized reporting capabilities.

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