Customer-Centric Digital Transformation for the Jewellery Industry

Jewellery is always in great demand. In this demand-driven sector, being ahead of the competitors is the need of the hour. To do this, organizations needs to dedicate maximum resources to enhance the customer experience.

We believe in empowering organizations to sell more by helping them understand their customers better using the power of data, intelligence, and experiences that people love.

Helping you transform change into opportunity

Exclusively designed for the gems and jewellery industry, Crown24K® combines Microsoft’s technological expertise with the industry-tested experience and domain knowledge of Nimbus Systems. It is fully prepared to take on the volatile yet exciting times ahead in the Indian jewellery sector. Crown24K® can control and manage organizations’ growth. It has a wide range of features defining the parameters and providing solutions to organizations’ changes.

Maximum effect with minimum effort

Crown24K® follows the 80/20 rule of maximum effect with minimum effort. Its flexible configuration results in minimal implementation time. Efficient drill-down approach and point-and-click functions give direct access to hidden layers of information. Graphic charts and criteria-based reports provide a multi-dimensional view of data across various business processes, time-periods, and cost-centers. Uncomplicated customization procedures, a familiar Microsoft interface, and a seamless integration with standard Office applications lead to short and stress-free training periods resulting in a quicker ROI and high productivity levels.

How we can help you transform your manufacturing business


Nimbus Systems, the developer of crown24k, has 27 years of experience in the gems and jewellery space. Our professionals have used their in-depth industry knowledge to curate an ERP solution, keeping in mind the needs of this industry.


Gives you unprecedented, real-time access to critical business information, allowing you to control every aspect of each job. With customized dashboards curated specifically for you, you get access to data you want in real-time, just the way you want it.


Increased efficiency in order processing, inventory control, and sales analysis to automating purchases, production scheduling, and manufacturing

End to End Solution

Our unique offering Crown24K can serve the needs of Jewellery businesses of all sizes, right from retail enterprises to jewellery manufacturing units

Digitalizing your entire value chain

Crown24K® is an end-to-end product spanning the entire value chain of the jewellery domain, ensuring organization-wide streamlining of processes and sub-processes and smooth and unrestricted scaling-up, which keeps pace with your business’ growth. Each feature is mapped directly to industry-specific business processes. Each function focuses on the critical success factors of this high-value, high-risk business. Crown24K®s real-time MIS capabilities and tailor-made management reporting give you transparent control of each critical pulse point of your organization in real-time.

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