Customer-Centric Digital Transformation for the Automobile Industry

In a highly competitive sector like that of automobile dealerships, A comprehensive ERP solution is the need of the hour. Keeping costs low in such a low margin business is essential and needs to be ensured at every step.

The automotive industry is being reshaped by several forces such as technology changes and customer expectations

Dealerships must adjust to new expectations around shopping and ownership, ensuring they can meet potential customers with personalized engagement on every channel. Underpinning all of this is the increasing value of data, intelligent automation and connectivity to deliver real-time insights that transform the way companies operate and innovate to enable the next generation of sustainable mobility.

Traditional automotive business models are shrinking, making way for new mobility services. The rising bar for technology adoption has created a desire for new driving experiences and business models for the consumer.

Customer experience is now the key competitive factor, more so than product and price.

The automotive industry is being reshaped by a number of forces. Technology advancement and Industry 4.0 has fundamentally changed the automobile from a feat of purely mechanical engineering into a connected machine that has as much in common with a consumer electronics device. This has ushered in a desire for new driving experiences and business models. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have had to rethink the way they design and manufacture vehicles from the ground up, augmenting their capabilities across their organization from supply chain and production frontline to R&D and sales.

How Microsoft Dynamics can transform your automotive business

Proactive Decision Making

With data available at your fingertips, you get the ability to take proactive decisions instead of reactive ones and always be ahead of the competition

Real-time MIS Reports

With our system in place, collated MIS reports are available in real-time. The time lag between a report requirement and its availability is removed, without having a coder to build reports

Integration with OEM's DMS

Our solution can be integrated to the OEM’s DMS, therefore you no longer have to pass dual entries, which is prone to human error. This also frees up your valuable resources, resulting in a reduction in operational expenses

Highly customized dashboards

We also offer personalized dashboards, curated specifically keeping in mind the users needs. With this, you get access to data in real-time, and just the way you want it to be.

Delivering end-to-end connected customer experiences

We have never been at a more transformational time in the history of automotive. New technologies and advanced capabilities are translating to a big opportunity for automakers to deliver end-to-end connected customer experiences and new transportation-as a-service business models.

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